I’m in Florida now. I fled San Francisco for the time being. Since I still work Pacific hours I now have a 3/4-hour block of time after I wake up and before I start work that I can do whatever I want in. Inevitably, I do a little work, as it’s the only time of day where there is quiet and no distraction. But I also take some time to exercise, make food, and clean.

For exercise lately I have gotten really into walking. With high temperatures and humidity here I can work up a great sweat on a brisk walk. Sometimes I run but it is obviously more taxing and less enjoyable.

To make my walks more effective, I’ve loaded a backpack with 25 pounds worth of canned carbonated beverages. I also wear a sweatshirt. I do a brisk 60 minute walk, typically covering between 3.5 and 4 miles. I come back soaked with sweat, energized, invigorated, and ready for the day. I love it.

I’ve been listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I walk. Current topics are about computer programming principles (“The Pragmatic Programmer”), New Yorker short fiction stories, and the Micromobility podcast.

This morning walk plus the interesting subjects is by far the best part of my day.


Running has given me more than any other thing in life. It is always there. I dread the day when my legs won’t carry me anymore, but I plan to take advantage of the time I have with a lot of running.

When I was going through the worst breakup I’ve experienced, I ran. I would literally attempt to negotiate my pain away by imagining scenarios that could possibly hurt as much as I was hurting then. “Would I trade away this pain if it meant getting my arm cut off”? My left arm, yes. My right arm, I wasn’t sure. Never my legs though. I’d keep the pain so long as I could have my legs.

Time has passed since then, and the pain has receded. I even ran a marathon, that breakup being the foundation of my training; the long hard winding runs where I realized only that particular physical pain made my head feel better.

Now I’ve just broken up with someone else. The pain is less intense, it’s rolling and dull. I wasn’t as devastated. But still I ran. I’ve run every day for the past two weeks.