Running has given me more than any other thing in life. It is always there. I dread the day when my legs won’t carry me anymore, but I plan to take advantage of the time I have with a lot of running.

When I was going through the worst breakup I’ve experienced, I ran. I would literally attempt to negotiate my pain away by imagining scenarios that could possibly hurt as much as I was hurting then. “Would I trade away this pain if it meant getting my arm cut off”? My left arm, yes. My right arm, I wasn’t sure. Never my legs though. I’d keep the pain so long as I could have my legs.

Time has passed since then, and the pain has receded. I even ran a marathon, that breakup being the foundation of my training; the long hard winding runs where I realized only that particular physical pain made my head feel better.

Now I’ve just broken up with someone else. The pain is less intense, it’s rolling and dull. I wasn’t as devastated. But still I ran. I’ve run every day for the past two weeks.

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